Jeannette Bose Biography

Nature, art and music have supported and sustained me throughout my life. Were it not for those, I sometimes doubt whether I would be here today. So often, our beloved Mother Earth gave me solace when I most needed it. She would absorb what was bothering me and give me feelings and expressions of incomparable beauty, lifting me out of my smaller self, connecting me to all that is.

When I paint, I let that connection speak to me so that what shows up on the canvas is what comes through. It’s a surprise and delight to me what appears there, since I generally don’t plan my paintings beforehand. Sometimes I might get a vague image of something or of a color or combination of colors, but the process is as spontaneous as possible. This gives me the feeling of unfettered freedom. This also means that the images come from a deeper place.

The ceramic masks and other sculptural forms come through in a similar manner, but I might have something more concrete in mind. I might know, for example, that I am going to make a mask or a sconce or something whimsical, but exactly what, I won’t know until I’m making it. The process of working with clay is thoroughly enjoyable to me. I’ll have a piece of the earth in my hands and I’m letting her speak to me through our play together. Working in this way nurtures my soul.

If you are curious as to what I have been doing for a living for the past several years--until a few years ago, I had been a Character Layout Artist (animator) on the TV series The Simpsons since 1996, starting on season 8. I love the people who work on the show, a few of whom have been there since the first or second season. My favorite part of the work had been the acting. I was a ham as a little kid, but the way my life went, my confidence in a theatrical sense left me, so I was able to find creative expression later on behind the scenes, having the characters act out for me. 

I voluntarily left the show in the summer of 2013 to pursue my dreams. For now, I paint or play with clay at a unique and fun little arts academy in Lomita, CA, called Summer Studios. I teach beginning cartooning, animation, abstract and realistic painting there. Primarily I am busy producing as much artwork as I can to help get my dreams off the ground. The painting you see behind me in the photo above is framed and hanging on the wall there as a semi-permanent display.

Healing Bio:

I am a certified Quantum Sphere Healer, (having taken both the introductory and the only advanced workshop offered by Carla Fox, the creator of QSH) which has connected me to my true self, thereby causing a tremendous shift in my overall awareness and understanding of life. Because of this shift, I have been able to work out an entirely different healing method which has a much broader scope, therefore, I call this new method Universal Healing (UH).  I am a certified Emotion Code practitioner and have practiced the Body Code, which is a self-study program. However, while I still use the muscle testing (applied kinesiology) that comes with these two healing modalities, I have completely overhauled the charts to reflect the issues my clients come to me with. The new charts are now incorporated into the UH system I have developed, and are used sparingly.

This healing work is like another form of art to me. It unfolds with twists and turns, revealing the hidden treasures underneath. The primary source I draw from comes from a place in the depths of my heart where I am connected to source, which is pure, unconditional love from which we all are made of. Healing work intensifies my connection to source and brings me closer to my human family. The more I help someone, the more my heart expands. It is like the perfect symbiotic relationship. When I work with someone, it is collaborative. It is not that I do something to someone: they have to be fully on board, willing to communicate and release the emotional baggage, beliefs and other problems that create obstacles in their lives that prevent them from living the lives they want. Many times, my client's own dormant or suppressed spiritual abilities begin to manifest. It's a beautiful thing to witness. Frequently, though not always, when releasing trapped emotions and/or perceptions that are keeping a person stuck at a certain point in their life, physical healing will spontaneously occur at the same time or soon after because the two are often tied together.

For me, using UH has become an extremely useful tool for finding the sources of many different types of problems and the solutions to them that traditional medicine and psychology have not been able to address in a timely manner, if at all. Many of the difficulties we face on a daily basis are simply outside the mainstream's frame of reference. You cannot find that which you refuse to acknowledge or have never heard of.

My understanding is that whenever we help someone to better themselves on an emotional, physical, energetic, mental and/or spiritual level, the entire cosmic realm, ourselves, the animals, the planet, the sun, all of it benefits energetically. We are in this together. We are co-creators. We have not been taught this--quite the contrary. However, it is encoded within our deepest memories, within our DNA. It is my sincerest wish that we all begin to remember who we truly are. Once we do, our whole world will transform into something beyond our greatest dreams.