Jun 13

A Call To All Ancient People

For almost a year I have been working on a universal project using my spiritual abilities. (When I use the word "spiritual," I don't mean the New Age concept of the word; I mean what is innate and ancient within us.) I have been working with a spiritual partner who is exceptionally talented, and together we have journeyed to uncharted territory where we have uncovered many of the sources and underlying causes of our worldwide suffering, including the senseless destruction of our beautiful planet.

May 5

We, The Magnificent!

There are both on world and off world beings who want water to be a commodity. Control our water, control us--where we go, what we do, how well we live, or if we live. 

Apr 20

Uncovering The Past Life To Recover The Present--Part 3

This is the third of my three part series Uncovering The Past To Recover The Present. If you haven't already, please read Part 1 or Part 2.

Apr 14

Uncovering The Past Life To Recover The Present--Part 2

This is the second of my three part series Uncovering The Past Life To Recover The Present. If you haven't already, please read the first part.

Apr 9

Uncovering The Past Life To Recover The Present--Part 1

Powerlessness comes in many forms and stems from multiple sources. The next few posts are stories from my own past lives that had contributed to my feelings of powerlessness in this lifetime. Powerlessness can often be inherited as well. Uncovering these and releasing the trauma from them have helped tremendously in creating a new perspective and a way to reclaim my lost power.

Dec 31

When We Remember

Here it is, the last day of 2014. I have a very optimistic view of the direction we could be heading in the coming year. My message to you is that you are not small. You are not insignificant. Together we can change the whole world. We are creator beings and can solve most of life's seemingly insurmountable problems. We can create our dreams. We can connect with each other with our hearts and share our visions of beauty and creativity.

Oct 28

Suicidal Tendencies, Depression and The GFL-Part 3

If you've made it through Part 1 & Part 2, this last part will fit into context much better than if you read this one by itself. In this section I tell more about the mental and emotional interference from the Galactic Federation of Light (GFL) and what they plant in our homes.