We, The Magnificent!

May 5

There are both on world and off world beings who want water to be a commodity. Control our water, control us--where we go, what we do, how well we live, or if we live. 

This morning I went to investigate the lack of abundance in my life. One of the things I found was one of my past lives where I had been a young African Woman. My arms and legs were skin and bones. My entire village was dying of starvation--similar to scenes you can still see today. There had been a severe drought. What none of us knew was that this drought had been caused by off world races interfering with our weather patterns. They do this all the time, even today. These days, off world beings have recruited some of the top 1% of the earth's most rich and powerful people to assist them, promising them passage to other planets, rides in their space crafts, a better life elsewhere. These people have been duped and brainwashed and can't see they are only pawns in the bigger game. Think chemtrails, for example.

There are other on world beings not visible to us who are also the controllers and manipulators of our world. I have never read about these anywhere, but I have found millions of them and so have certain spiritually remarkable friends I sometimes work with. When we find them, we bring them back to Source after recovering everything they've stolen of ours. We are powerful enough to do that, and so will many of you be, once again. It will take time, but this is the direction we are going in. 

















In that past life, when I was that young woman, dying on the ground among my dead and dying family and community members, I developed a deep belief that I would never have abundance and that everything would be taken away from me. None of us knew that the weather had been manipulated, so we felt abandoned by our earth mother. We thought she didn't love or want us. Our compassionate Mother Earth has been under tremendous emotional pain because of so much on and off world interference, primarily because she has felt helpless to do anything for us as we have gone through lifetime after lifetime of horrible suffering. She and the Father Sun want us to know how near and dear ALL of us are to their hearts. They love us all, deeply! They want us to know how incredibly beautiful and precious each and everyone of us is to them. How could we have known this back then or now? We've been tampered with on so many levels.

The fact that increasing numbers of us have begun to wake up to who and what we really are and have been taking the necessary steps to free ourselves is a testament to our strength. We are absolutely going to tip the balance as we reclaim our proper place in this unique global awakening. Each of us has a vital role to play. None are abandoned. None are truly alone. Each one will naturally be directed by their true selves to heal the aching battle scars and to link up with others who are on a similar journey. 

Water has a consciousness that we can all connect to. It responds to our thoughts, but especially to our hearts. Did you know that there is actually absolutely NO WATER SHORTAGE? It's true! Under the earth's mantle, water is continually being created as a gas and works its way upward, replenishing the outer surfaces through openings. A fresh, clean supply of highly beneficial water is always available. The parasitic off world races, and millions of unseen on world beings, would rather you remain ignorant of this. This fresh source of water has been called "primary water" by people in the know, and most of the water that is recycled from either precipitation or runoff,  is called "secondary water," and is not as pure. Primary water is sometimes just under the surface. If you are able to connect from your heart to the consciousness of water, you may be able to find where some of these places are located, which are all around the planet. Then ask the water to come up to the surface. Liberal feelings of gratitude and appreciation for water will help greatly! There will be a time when we can work together in this way, we will not always need to drill for it and we will never have a desperate need for water again.

This knowledge is going to reach the right people. I can feel it. We are brilliant and powerful, and are not so far from bringing our most cherished dreams into our reality. We have to remember our innate abilities which have been hidden from us for eons. We will be surprised when we rediscover our remarkable talents. We are the magnificent! 


    Dr igor Smirnoff & chernobyl........

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