A Call To All Ancient People

Jun 13

For almost a year I have been working on a universal project using my spiritual abilities. (When I use the word "spiritual," I don't mean the New Age concept of the word; I mean what is innate and ancient within us.) I have been working with a spiritual partner who is exceptionally talented, and together we have journeyed to uncharted territory where we have uncovered many of the sources and underlying causes of our worldwide suffering, including the senseless destruction of our beautiful planet.

My friend and I have discovered that here on earth we are all great beings, primarily good, who have been bludgeoned from behind, then robbed and fooled into believing we have no rights, blindsighted by a synthetic matrix so much that many have actually become energy sources for twisted parasitic beings who have no heart. On top of that, in this false matrix, our abundant mother planet has been stripped of her powers and has had to witness and feel deeply all of the misfortunes and tortures her children (us) and animals have had to go through, lifetime after lifetime, while not being able to do a thing about it.

What we have found seems rather daunting, however my friend and I have also uncovered some solutions that will enable us to get everything back, heal ourselves, our planet and create a new world that can be ours once again where we can collectively work towards an expression of our true natures. I am not a blind idealist; I know full well what we're up against. I also know what our potential is. It's far greater than most of us think.

What you see in the world now is not destruction and sick behavior created by human beings because we are inherently bad, but rather the result of humans who are disconnected from Source, (which is quite simply, unconditional love, from which we all spring) and are missing some of the most important parts of ourselves, including our awareness, our compassion and empathy, our powers, our abilities and much, much more. We have been manipulated, interfered with, influenced and tortured. We've had our memories wiped. We've been brainwashed and programmed. We have experienced trauma over lifetimes from wars, invasions, plagues, and atrocities by corrupt governments, rulers, religious manipulators and the like. Much of our trauma has very commonly been caused by abductions and ET encounters. Much of this pastlife trauma is still with us energetically, and many have been experiencing similar things in this life. However, a beautiful thing my friend and I have discovered is that there are inner abilities we all have by which people can get back these missing parts, and in time, by using healing powers we have, people can be reconnected to Source. We are confident we will be able to find our way out.

I am sending this call out to find the ancient people--the ones who are passionate about saving our planet, people and animals and are ready to act. By taking the spiritual journey through the heart while we work together, we can do a tremendous amount to correct the wrongs and set a new course towards experiencing healing, love, joy and kindness. Maybe some of you have more pieces of the puzzle as we search for the hidden way out. Perhaps you feel the desire to be a part of something like this but you don't know if you have anything to offer. Or, it's possible you are having a very hard time with life and don't understand what is happening to you but this information calls to you somehow. Whatever it is, I'd like to hear from you, even if it's just some questions or comments. We can train you if need be. You can always send me a private message through my contact page.

This journey takes courage, but together we are strong. None of us are small or insignificant. We are all great beings, regardless of what we have been led to believe. If you feel it, answer the call.

    Thank you, Ria. You can send me a private message at : info@jeannettebose.com :)
    i am so grateful to have come across your beautiful website. Thank you for creating it. i feel your words in my heart and my core. It is a deep knowing. i would also be honoured to connect with you Jeanette. The warmest of wishes to you
    Thank you for your gracious comments. I have looked at your site. Things we believe are true, even with good intentions, are often not what they seem. We have all been led away from the fundamentals of life. I am often in the process of reevaluating and changing things because so much of what what we perceive is illusion. More direct connection with Source and the natural environment is needed for all of us, with less emphasis on mental activity and complicated systems of learning.
    Thank you so much for being a beacon of light and truth among so much misinformation and propaganda. I would be honored to speak with you and see how we can mutually assist each other to help Gaia and Humanity. I have a school of mastery I recently started and much of my teaching I have been given is in alignment with yours. Sacritineris.com

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