Regaining Our Personal and Collective Memories

Sep 15


We have personal and collective memories about who we are and who we have been over lifetimes and in between that have been removed and hidden from us so that we no longer identify with our greater selves. Instead we live in our day to day realities, busy with activities and dramas, often too preoccupied or desperate to move into a more natural rythym that might allow time for self discovery. For those of us lucky enough to commune regularly with untarnished nature and know how to tune in, there is often still a great deal missing because there is so much more to who we are that we are not privy to. (I know there are those who have discovered all or most of their parts, including memories, but I'm not talking about them. They are still in the minority.) Central to recovering what we lack is the ability to know there are processes we will have to learn about, along with the awareness of our current limitations. I want to address one particular mindset that seems to be gaining momentum.

There are individuals and groups out there who claim to be sovereign citizens, saying they are free to make their own choices, no slaves of any government, agency or group; no laws created to take away their fundamental rights as human beings will stand because they are free by virtue of their own stated assertion of this "fact." They say that anyone can become free and sovereign by claiming their own personal power. They maintain there are systems of law that uphold these rights.

A few years ago I came across a collective of sorts, people holding the above mentioned views on a radio show, and like so many people who are horrified at the systems of control and dominance we find ourselves in, I listened to them for awhile hoping for answers. However, something did not feel right, so I let that train go.

Recently someone holding similar views, although with a slightly different perspective, responded to a previous blog post. That person said we need a spiritual code called "Centre for Sovereignty" that will help awaken a deep understanding that we are great and we are free, that no one has a right to control us, but if we are controlled, it's because we allow them to. There is something to this, however, it is not so simple, nor entirely true. There is a process one must go through, and I am not sure the person who left the comment fully understood that. I picked up a lot of interference coming through from that person, so I did some spiritual sluething.

What I found after tuning into this person and the growing number of people attaching themselves to theories about becoming autonomous and sovereign, was yet another control system pushed forward by an agenda, but not run by people or off-world beings. These were put forward by the thing we are all trapped in, the synthetic matrix (I will write a full length article about this later, once I understand it fully, as I am still trapped in it myself). The synthetic matrix is something I have been aware of for quite some time, but I am continually learning about how far reaching it is.

The agenda I spotted, to get back to my point, is to keep people ignorant of the ways in which we could really become free, keeping us from remembering who and what we are. "Let them chase after theories and beliefs," I can almost hear the false matrix say, "that way this can be kept going indefinitely."

If we tune into a supposed spiritual code called "Centre of Sovereignty," or simply claim our independence and maintain we are sovereign citizens, then bog down the courts with a lot of legal paperwork, which is what many in the above mentioned collective asserts is the proper course of action, along with some fringe members resorting to violence, does that give us true freedom?

There are many malevolent beings who have been messing with us in fundamental ways over lifetimes, and this synthetic matrix has the majority of us completely fooled. It has been my job along with a handful of gifted friends and individuals out there who work in various ways, to find these beings and bring them back to Source, and especially to find our way out of the false matrix. Once back with Source, everything that these 'bad' beings are missing, along with healing they might require, is taken care of, and they transform into the beautiful beings that they once were. Most 'bad' people are like this, missing things, in need of healing. As we get our memories, powers and abilities back we will be able to peal back the synthetic layers that hem us in and control our world. Regaining what we have lost or has been stolen from us, including our distant and ancient memories, is key to finding inner strength and balance and for doing this work.

We want our freedom, that much is certain. Yet the way we have typically gone about trying to get there is mostly limited by what we've thought the world is made up of. For many people still, what we perceive with our minds and bodies and sense with our feelings is all there is. For those who believe they are going the spiritual route, I am sad to inform you that the spiritual realms have become infected with parasites who pose as beautiful celestial beings, benevolent channelers and so called "ascended masters." They are all hooked into the synthetic matrix, can look and feel amazing, touch upon many of our longed for dreams and can even give us miraculous experiences, but if you know how to find what they're really made of, it is obvious they consist of dark, negative energies. Wouldn't you like to know how to tell the difference and align yourselves with a source that is pure and has been known to you from the beginning?

The answer is in our hearts and in the natural world. It is in there where we connect with Source, the true home of self mastery and unconditional love, and find what's real. As we wake up as a species, something incredible will begin to happen. In fact, it's already happening. We will not be able to be contained nor controlled once we fully realize our potential and remember our origins. We are great, powerful beings whose memories have been wiped and altered. We can get our memories back. We can bring back what has been lost or stolen. We can regain our full powers and abilities. We will work together and we will find the way.

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