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Universal Healing

Universal Healing (UH) is my true life's work, and is the outcome of first practicing Quantum Sphere Healing (QSH--developed by Carla Fox) which for me created the spiritual growth necessary to discover this brand new healing modality. UH was developed as a way to fulfill my client's needs. The clients who come to me sometimes don't know where else to turn. This work is transformational, monumental in scope and truly universal.

UH is primarily for people who are ready to find out what is really going on in our world and beyond, and want to become sovereign beings and reclaim their personal power. You may naturally gravitate to this place if you fit this description because here you will find answers and healing for things that still very few people understand, let alone acknowledge.

We are plagued with problems in our modern societies while the world as a whole seems to be getting more hectic, violent and confusing all the time. Not much seems to make sense anymore, especially in the political arena. We feel helpless to do anything about it and worse, frequently find that in our own lives, keeping a handle on the day to day has become an overwhelming ordeal. How to resolve this? We are missing much that was originally ours; our abilities, awareness, powers and energies. We are fighting amongst ourselves, not realizing that we can change the course of this whole world. I am dedicated to helping my human family and other beings inhabiting our beautiful planet to find what's lost and recover our collective soul purpose.

At the outset of each UH session, I am connected to source, the wellspring of pure unconditional love--our true home--and tune in to my client and their particular issues. Spiritually, I feel my way in to find the fundamental problems facing the person and the sources for those problems. Together, source and I find and recover what is missing, heal and remove obstacles to healing, and if necessary, remove malevolent energies. It has taken us humans lifetimes to get where we find ourselves today, and years in this life. We have layers upon layers of debri and missing pieces, so part of this work entails that you the client, begin to take the reigns to your own healing and destiny as I help you recover your own strengths and attributes. An important aspect of that is to help you connect to source yourself. It is the disconnection that is creating the disharmony and destruction that we see so much of.

Each UH session takes two hours total and will be done remotely and a portion on the phone, through Skype or email. My rate is $120 per session. To inquire or book an appointment, please fill out the form on the contact page or email Jeannette at info@jeannettebose.com For your session, it's best to choose a time and date when you can be alone and rest quietly, undisturbed.




Coincidentally, I worked in an art studio where Jeannette taught and created artwork. When she found out my child was having nightmares and we were discovering odd orbs and an uneasy feel in our home, she didn't brush me off as crazy but rather warmly talked about what could be going on and how she might be able to help. A bit curious and certainly nothing to lose by trying to give my baby a restful night - we worked with Jeannette (here on referred to as "J") to find portals, mysterious ancestors and entities in our home. We performed many 'house clearings' and J worked remotely to clear this whole property further. I have pictures of orbs and my daughter franticly screaming, pointing at "balls" so skeptical or not - I couldn't deny "something" was going on. That feeling of your little hairs standing up on the back of your neck in a creepy situation? I'd get this while I calmed my daughter down after episodes in the middle of the night. Our home now has a more peaceful type of an atmosphere and my daughter's nightmares have improved dramatically. She plays in a room she would never enter previously, even during the day.

J has worked with my whole family using the QSH and Emotion Codes she discusses on her website. She helped my toddler with potty training (or lack of)! She's helped us on several levels in helping us manage our emotions and helped with some of our physical pains as well. Some took only a session or two, others took more to notice a difference. She taught us how to ground ourselves which helps one in an almost meditative way, to calm you and keep you more balanced - quieting those unwelcomed emotions that throw off your day. She has released many depressive and nagging type thoughts, some I noticed a largely lightened effect just over night! One physical specification is of a lingering pain in my hip (had x-rays and all) for an inflammation/arthritis that wouldn't quit. J had worked on me and months later when she asked about my hip; I had to think....nothing is wrong, why? Oh yea! She released that pain and I had forgotten! We were discussing food allergies and sensitivities one day and I had said I love coconut milk but have trouble digesting this rich treat. She released my intolerance (or something) for me and said I should be okay to have it now. Very reluctantly, I ordered one of my favorite dishes with coconut milk I had previously given up and waited.....and waited.....I was literally dumb founded, shocked. I hadn't a twinge of discomfort! I thought maybe she just got lucky and so I tried again a few weeks later and still no irritation - my intolerance has vanished! I urge you to give some of your dietary problems or even allergies a go in this practice.

So skeptic or not, I urge you to give these methods a chance. J is a very kind and caring individual and she's in this practice solely to help people. That next person could be you!

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Jeanette is wonderful. She have helped me and my family tremendously with our other worldly issues. We known her through a friend of a friend but you will know she is a wonderful person and a kind soul first time you meet her. We were having issues with something scaring our 2 year old daughter at night in her bedroom and the experience was very frustrating for us. When you see your wonderful child feared for her life with her back against the corner of her crib pointing at the corner of her room crying her eyes out you can't denied there is something going on. It is something we don't know how to deal with nor do we have any solutions in sight. It feels like your baby is being bullied in front of you but you can't protect here at all. This was very upsetting for us.

We happen to mention it to her one day by chance over conversation and she said she can actually help us. Wow, really? We didn't know Jeanette is even into this type of things but we are willing to give this a try. I know there are lots of spiritual practitioners out there and none of which I know anything about or believe that it works. We were not planning to solve this problem looking for that types of help. We were at a lost without any real solutions. But soon I believe that Jeannette really found us. We've invited her over and discussed the issues and she could sense their presence immediately. Over the course of the month working with her She was able to do a house clearings that evicted the entities that dwells in our house. I still don't fully understand what she does and how she does it but what a difference it has made for our family. Jeanette, Thank you so much for your help.

If you want to read the full story please see the article below.

So how deep is the rabbit hole? I must have taken the Red pill for the truth(The Matrix).

Entities and beings around us.

This all started with the conception of our daughter back in late 2010~2011. Me and my wife is expecting our very first child, and it's something we planned for a while. This was a very exciting time for us. Soon after I can sometimes see glimpse of fast moving shadows in our house, heading towards our bedroom. I've chassed it only to find nothing but a goose bumps and hair standing on the back of my neck, very strange indeed. Being Asian and born overseas, I was exposed with a different set of belief towards how the spirit word works and the order of things. So I merely dismissed the incident as a spirit that tries be reincarnated/born again through our child. So I thought...

Looking back at all the pictures I've took of my wife's pregnancy, we notice orbs are always circling around her belly. That's strange, what are those things? Things are going okay until she is about 1~1.5 years of age when we have her crib in the room next to us. Late at night we start to hear her restless and crying as if something is upsetting her. Like any new parents, we though it is normal and typical. It wasn't till later on when it got worse we started to notice she was frighten at something in the room and in the dark. When I've took photos I can capture orbs in the rooms with her. We were very frustrated parents having a child that goes to bed only to wake up crying and terrified. As she grew older we've noticed when we come into the room as backs up against one side of the crib and points at the corner of the room. We know something was wrong. But what do we do? We know there is something in the room at night that likes to scare her as it happens regularly. We were frustrated and felt our baby is being bullied by something that hides in plain sight and is only visible to her in the dark. WTF

First, we move her crib into the bedroom with us and that help a great deal. The second bedroom, her bedroom seems to be the center of the "activities". We have a second bed in the room and on occasions I tried to sleep in there, there is always an uneasy feeling in there like something is watching you. Strange right?

Enter Jeannette, A friend of a friend. Her and my wife happen to be talking about this sleeping issue and she said she can help with this. Really? She came over our house and we've talked it over with the issues we are experiencing. As we toured our house with her she can feel the presence of energies in the area we are experiencing the same. So she recommended that we do a smudging for the whole house to clear away the bad energies. After we smoked our place, she did an house clearing for us and reported on her findings. Wow, it was amazing and what a difference. The room and mood feels lighter and you no longer feel a weird heaviness in the affected areas. I have no idea how Jeannette does what she does but what a difference she had made. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.